Tips and Tricks

Want to know more about your favorite Disafter games?
Here’s some info we’ve compiled about each of our games. We’re happy to answer your questions, so ask us anything in the comments!

Astro Impossible:
The game was designed  to be very quick and challenging, but mostly simple. If you really get in the groove you can achieve incredibly high scores, but because the game never increases in difficulty, a high score is mostly a display of mental endurance.

Bee Mage, Ice Mage, and Fire Mage:
These games are designed in such a manner that enemies having increasing HP that is proportional to your current score. Optimizing your score will involve planning the timings of your three powerful spells, while casting your starting spell as fast as you can. If you time your spells right, you’ll notice you can get much higher scores than usual.
At scores of 1000 and 1500, you earn your elemental staff and elemental wizard hat, which increase the power of your spells, and the frequency at which you can cast your starting spell.

Corgi Hop:
If you press jump again on the way up, you’ll do a flip and gain a bit of vertical momentum, allowing you to jump higher. This makes the beginning part more relaxing, but becomes less and less useful as your score increases. The hurdles come significantly faster as your score increase, and the game changes from a timing challenge to a reaction challenge. At scores of 65 and above, your reaction speed must be flawless.

Gathering the little green “fragment” powerups fill up your Fragment meter. When this meter is full, you gain a life AND your maximum HP increases. Some enemies drop tiny fragments when they die. Gathering all the fragments in each level will give you the best odds of making it to the final boss. The game was designed to be exceptionally difficult, and as such only a very small percent of players ever see the final boss. (There are only 20 levels! ). On level 6, the game glitches and flips your A button. This was not intentional, but it doesn’t affect gameplay. The A button was designed to have a very large pressable region, to make jumping easier.  It is our intention to make a very polished and high quality Disafter 2 some day, but we’re still in the process of redesigning the character and his abilities, as well as the enemies and stages.

It’s not possible to “lose” at Greatbow. You must hit the Ghost 20 times in order to defeat it. Each time you hit the ghost you gain 5 points. Each time you hit one of your chickens you lose 7 points, down to a minimum of zero. This means that the maximum score is 100. One trick is to wait for a large number of chickens to pass all at once, and then fire many arrows immediately above them. The game is designed such that, although chickens spawn randomly, there is a limit to how many are on screen at any one time. The game is frustrating, but that’s what makes it fun! Try to score 100, it’s really not that hard!

Note that you can press anywhere on the screen to perform actions.
You start the game able to survive 2 hits, and through upgrades you are eventually able to survive 6 hits. In Hard Mode, you’ll die the first time you’re hit unless you have the shield, which will prevent one hit. The game gets faster and more difficult as your score increases, up to a score of 800, where the difficulty levels out, and you must perform skillfully to achieve a high score. You can attack while in the air, which can be very useful. If you press jump while sliding, you’ll jump extra high. Playing the game in Hard  Mode passively gives you 4 gold every second that you survive! After purchasing everything in the shop, any further gold earned is basically a bragging right, but there is a good chance that a future update will provide new upgrades in the shop, whose costs would likely be very expensive.

Feel free to leave tips in the comments! We’ll read them all, and if we like them enough we’ll add them into this post.

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